An Enthusiast’s Perspective on the Hot Hatchback Market

An Enthusiast’s Perspective on the Hot Hatchback Market

Camilo Restrepo Here’s the thing, since the launch of the Mk 1 Volkswagen Golf GTI in 1974, hot hatchbacks have become a vital part of the automotive world. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and displacements. As per usual, the recipe is simple: take a common hatchback, add a more responsive and powerful engine, … Continue reading

2016 Porsche Macan S: A Quick Drive

2016 Porsche Macan S: A Quick Drive

2016 Porsche Macan S: A Quick Drive Camilo Restrepo Here’s the thing, let’s face it. As much as car guys want to give crossovers hell for not really appealing to them, there’s one fact that we can’t overlook: they’re taking over the automotive market. When you think of a crossover, what comes to mind? Ford … Continue reading

Bodacious Curves

Here’s the thing, Numbers rule the world, especially in the automotive world. You spend x number of minutes (or hours) in your car to get to a job to work x number of hours to bring home x number of dollars. Why? So that you can pay x number of dollars for your mortgage and … Continue reading

Grind Time

Here’s the thing, It’s that time of year again. Day’s are getting longer, temperatures are getting hotter, and everyone is gearing up for their annual family outings. Everyone, that is, except for car salesmen. When I was selling cars, summer was money season, with the 4 months of warm weather usually making up half of my … Continue reading

Hiking Boots

Here’s the thing, To everyone that has declared America’s love affair with large SUVs gone, or back, or really anything except for leveled off, you’re incorrect. The market has once again stabilized, but of course there are still cycles of wax and wane. Our fling with the larger breed of people movers did spawn something … Continue reading

A Small Thank You

Here’s the thing, I haven’t read Car&Driver proper in a long time, mostly because of the bulk of its published content is available for free online. While online versions of the car magazines we know and love are free, they do lose a certain… something. I think that missing x-factor is the personal connection between … Continue reading


Here’s the thing, There was a recent newsbreak that Cadillac might be making a C-Segment car based off of the Chevy Cruze. The report ended up being a false news story, trumped up from rumors whispered across the automotive landscape and co-signed by the fact that GM has made similar moves in the past, twice. … Continue reading

Head of the Class

Here’s the thing, Car models run on a cycle of an average of 5 or 6 years before models are upgraded to a new generation. Over that time they will usually get a facelift, and longer life cycles will get a second in there somewhere as well. These facelifts consist of a nip and tuck, … Continue reading


Here’s the thing, Mobile communications devices permeate every facet of our lives now. Anyone who doubts me, simply go to a nice restaurant and look around you. Even loving married couples on their one date night a month and young lovebirds on their first date are buried face-first in their phones. Most states have outlawed … Continue reading

Track Day Special

Here’s the thing, Track days are a gift from God. Taking the car in your garage and pushing it to the ragged edge or the end of your abilities, whichever comes first, is something any gearhead can get behind. And if series like LeMons and the thousands of high-school parking lot autocross meets across America … Continue reading