Grind Time

Here’s the thing,

It’s that time of year again. Day’s are getting longer, temperatures are getting hotter, and everyone is gearing up for their annual family outings. Everyone, that is, except for car salesmen. When I was selling cars, summer was money season, with the 4 months of warm weather usually making up half of my year’s income. And it wasn’t just me. It’s a well known fact in the industry that summer will make or break your year.

The first factor is the weather. Say what you want, but nice summer days are best enjoyed basking in the sun, driving your new convertible. Or was that getting away with the boys for a fishing trip in your new truck? Maybe you’re enticed by the idea of speeding off into warm summer night with that sleek new sports car you’ve been eyeing. See what I mean? Whatever your thing is, there’s a car to do it in, and summer always seems to hit just the right note for getting rid of that jalopey you’ve been nursing along.

Second off, some of the best deals you’ll see all year are planned around the summer holidays. If it isn’t Memorial Day this, it’s 4th of July that. Between the amazing finance deals on new-year models, and dealers’ motivation to move as many previous year models to prevent end-of-year stragglers, there’s no shortage of wiggle room available. Looking to buy? They’ll cut you an amazing deal on any remaining 16’s sitting on the lot. Leasing more your thing? I’m sure your manufacturer of choice is cutting ridiculous deals with totally unrealistic residual values right now. Either way, you can’t lose.
Third off is the summer energy. This one can’t be quantified, but there’s something intangible in the air around a dealership on a hot Saturday morning that makes it feel like the place to be. It’s a veritable bee’s hive of activity, even when the customer’s haven’t shown up yet. Everyone puts on their best smile, has a little extra spring in their step, and even the 10-year guys who sell a car just by picking up the phone are standing out front waiting for the walk-ins. Every other industry I’ve ever worked in, people are miserable when they’re hot. Car salesman thrive on it like reptiles.

So this summer, when you get tired of your old car, go for a test drive. I guarantee there’s a great deal to be had if you look hard enough, and I guarantee you’ll find a salesman out there enjoying the weather and earning his keep. And if it’s around a holiday, and the dealership open, stop in on that day. I promise you’ll get a great deal, and it’ll make being away from their family worth it for the salesperson.

And that, that’s the thing.