We’re Back!!!

Here’s the thing,

I’ve been gone. Too far for too long. I apologize to the three fans I left hanging, and most of all to my co-pilot Jeremy. But what we have here is a complete return to form, and the promise to never leave you hanging again in the search for your fix of a sarcastic, informative, completely biased and irrelevant take on the auto industry.

DSC_2833 copy

In the last 2 years, I’ve made three moves inside the auto industry. I jumped into car sales with both feet, and sank straight to the bottom of the pool. After a few months of kicking around in the shallow end I, being the ambitious child that I am, pulled my floaties off and headed straight for the deep end. That’s right, I moved into highline sales, for a brand that was and still is walking a sharp tightrope between a renaissance and a collapse. After that, I decided I need some time on dry land, and moved into a dayjob working for a fantastic tuning company. I’m still living that adventure.


There’s more to each of these stories, and along with keeping you guys up to date on current industry events, and reviving old cars to wax new poetic about them, I will be regaling you with some of the talesĀ I’ve collected in my time away. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things here, and I hope you’ll be as ready to join me as I am launch back into things.

And that, well, that’s the thing.