Potential for Disaster

Here’s the thing,

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, but I will continue to say it until the die I die. 

Racing of all forms need to be kept on the track!

Yeah. Those are legs. After this, he fled the scene. As a #drift community, this is a FUCK YOU of the highest order. you are not welcome in our shops. You are not welcome at our events. You are not welcome on this earth, as far as I’m concerned. We want our Motorsport back. This will skew the public eye of state-side drifting forever. Myself and the thousands that follow this page will make sure your faces are known and your cars are recognized. This is a call to arms. Stand up and don’t let a handful of worthless fucking shitbags go on doing what they do. ••• @paisadrift license #6FWE123 HIT AND RUN WHILE STREET DRIFTING IN CALI. @emirs13 – Amir @cwerk_fabian – Fabian Carrera @mario13s – Mariano Pineda @jonwasthere – John Nguyen ••• I know there are more – that’s the best I can do this early. Tag all local shops, event holders and organizers to make sure these dangerous people are not allowed to further embarrass drifting to the public eye. #operationpaisadeath

A video posted by @formuladerp on

Apparently, a group that goes by the name of Paisa Drift, based out of Los Angeles, held a “sesh” over in Turnbull Canyon. Also reported by Jalopnik, and some interesting things about it going on over at Formula Derp. From what I’ve read, it seems as the individual who got hit bad is okay, in the hospital, but okay. Amazing, considering that he very easily could be dead.

Here’s the flyer from this very event:

From their facebook page

From their facebook page

I don’t think that having a flyer looking like this is the best way to show off an event for your car community. I can see how they may want to make light of things that have happened in the past. But to each their own.

Meanwhile, on their Facebook page, it looks like they are trying to make their car group seem legitimate, in terms of them being a racing team. They have a roster of their drivers with what they drive, and all that. I’m all for people trying to legitimize themselves and get into motorsports, but it seems these guys are regularly racing on public roads. 

I get it, racing is expensive, but you know what else is expensive? Go fast parts, tires, the sort of thing you do to make a car go fast. Which is why it’s completely asinine to go and race on public streets for any reason. Guys like these are giving gearheads, motorsports, and drifting especially, a very bad name.

All of us who are part of car communities need to police up each other, before the actual police do. Just like with what happened to one of my favorite Cars & Coffee meets

Remember kids, don’t stand on the apex.