Shut down.


So here’s the thing,

We as car enthusiasts, love cars, speed, loud noises, the whole thing. But there are a lot of non-car people, that don’t like what we do, especially loud noises and fast cars, especially if that is happening right where they live.

A local Cars & Coffee event that I go to at least once a month, just got shut down this past week, last Sunday was it’s last one. It’s pretty disheartening because Katie’s Cars & Coffee is all the way in Richmond, a good hour and a half away, which means to make it I would need to leave my house at about 4:30 in the morning, which is just too early sometimes. So I came to this one instead, started at 8:30 am, was a bit more local, and everything was great.

But, as with all things, it was ruined, by just a few bad apples.


The last few times that I have gone, I was saying to myself, this is going to get shut down. I wasn’t going consistent enough or remembering faces enough to tell people to cut it out when leaving, but I remember a few months back going to one, and seeing people trying to show off. One Mustang owner even broke it loose on a turn and nearly smacked a median, and then others would just go WOT to try and be cool. To put it into perspective, this place was a shopping center parking lot (a large one) and surrounding the parking lot were town houses and a huge high rise apartment complex, so even partially revving the engine at 8 am in the morning is bound to piss somebody off.

And it looks as if it did. Cops got called, and they shut it down. This sort of thing doesn’t help the car community, it just makes us look bad and continues to further the stereotype to non-car people that enthusiasts are just adrenaline junkies that do not care about anyone except themselves. And to be honest, that’s what it looks like to me sometimes, because these days when there is a regular car meet, it’s not if it’ll get shut down, just when.

And that, that’s a depressing thing. Speak up and tell asshats to stop being asshats or get lost.