What’s the deal

Sorry about the hiatus on posts for the site, some stuff went down, some things happened, but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get back to the cars.


So here’s the thing,

We are car enthusiasts. I mean, you are a car enthusiast, are you not? Fret not if you are wondering around life without the meaningful love for cars, allow me to share with you something.

Photo Credit: Mitch Hemming @ mhemming.com


So, we are car enthusiasts, we love cars, we create relationships with our cars, and relationships are created over cars, and by cars. We always get upset when we break something on them, but we’re secretly happy because it gives us a reason wrench on them. And to some, it really does give so much more. So what is it about cars, to a select group of people, that mean everything?

For some people, cars are a device, or a utility that just does exactly only what it was intended to do. To transport a person and/or objects from one place, to another in an efficient manner. Like a toaster. I just compared a car to a fuckin’ toaster.

A fuckin' toaster

A fuckin’ toaster

And to some people, cars are a status symbol, they use their vehicles sparsely and rarely, only bring them out to brag about how much they have, or what they’ve done. And then you’ve got people who kind of like cars enough to do a few things to it, but then don’t really get around to that big turbo upgrade, but will always tell you about that Garrett that they were looking at and almost pulled the trigger on.

And then, you’ve got the car enthusiasts, and car enthusiasts come in all flavors and varieties.

We have all kinds of opinions, skill levels, and certainly anger levels, especially when it comes to our cars of choice. But one thing unites us, and it’s the thing I keep coming back to, the love of cars.

For me, I got caught on young. I grew up around superchargers, big blocks, loud noises, dangerous speeds. I loved it, every second of it. These days I can hear a supercharger whine from a mile away and it’ll immediately bring a smile to my face, because it reminds me of time, when I was very young. My dad would be taking me home, and right before the turn into our neighborhood, he would slam it. Absolutely exhilarating every time I can do that, it will never get old.

Cars are special because they are something even more then a hunk of metal and bits with enough potential to launch me to a sidewall with a good thirty thousand pounds of pressure. And that thing, is freedom. When I got my first car, it wasn’t until I was already 18, but I didn’t waste any time. Even though I was barely making any money I still managed to put at least 300 miles on it a week. I always had to drive that one special road, at least twice a week.

And these days it’s no different. The car may be different, but it’s still a hatchback, it’s still red, and lock me momma it’s still a stick. The perspective has changed a bit though. No longer am I just some kid who can barely manage to keep my car on the road, or be clueless as to what oil I should be using. No, I now know which oil I should choose, but, should I go with AMSoil, or Redline…choices. And also I’m a bit more calculated and thought out these days, but with that comes different things. Myself as a person, and I am sure many out there can agree with this, I just cannot stay put. It’s not in me to just sit around and do this so called, “relaxing.” I’ve got to move, and I’ve got to be moving as fast as humanly possible. Cars allow me to do this, it allows me to move at speeds that make me swear my heart stopped beating 10 miles down the road. Come on, you know that feeling.

This would probably do it. Photo Credit: WRC

Something like this.
Photo Credit: WRC

It’s honestly a relationship that regular non-car people, will just never understand. The thrill of a cold start up, the excitement for when you finally get your suspension right, the pit in your stomach when you’re going 118 miles an hour, and you hear a clank.

Car enthusiasts are modern day adventurers, and the cars, they are our trusty steeds, that go with us everywhere, and take us anywhere and everywhere we want to go, without complaint, and as long as we take proper car of it, will never fail us.

But, there is something else that cars can do for people as well, and that is saving people. And not just with safety equipment. Don’t question it, just roll with it.

Not too long ago, I went through some pretty heavy and earth shattering things. Like holy crap life is over type things. And unfortunately with those type of things, comes depression, anger, and a big cup of reality. After a while of drinking too much beer, and self loathing, I got into my car, and I drove.

And drove, and drove.


And then drove some more.

And afterwards, yeah, I was still pretty bummed, and contemplating doing some really, really stupid things. But after a combination of talking to a few people, and a huge helping of getting into my car, I got past it. I’ve manage to replace anger, sadness, and wanting to drink copious amounts of alcohol, with driving. Going on a spirited drive, is now a part of my daily routine. I do every day what I call the Joplin run. It’s a 17 mile long stretch of road 10 miles south of where I currently have my ass planted, and it is glorious. It’s full of blind crests, blind turns, a good 90 degree turn, and every mile or so an elevation change. I managed to jump my little Fiesta (which I named Rosemary, shut up it’s a bitchin’ name). Some people work out heavily, some people play video games. I drive very fast down a very windy road every day. It keeps me sharp, and any time I have a close call, it always makes me realize that my problems that I have throughout the day pale into comparison, to how freaking awesome that just was.

Cars, are just so much more then simple tools. They are things that can save people, things that can bring happiness, and definitely bring freedom. Keep interesting cars alive, because I know I would have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t wake up to my turbo spool. Don’t buy a Camry, buy something with a turbo.

I know I’m all over the place, but the bigger picture is clear, we’re car enthusiasts, and we’ve got to stay together. And we’ve got to keep the culture alive.

Plus I mean, who wouldn’t want to do something like Tail of the Dragon every day?

And that, well that’s a whole lot of stuff. Keep it real ‘yo.