Always check your work

Here’s the thing,

Last Sunday (not this previous one, but the one before), I decided to do an oil change on my Fiesta. Everything went fine, except this time instead of using the FoMoCo oil filter I used a K&N one, I made sure that they were the same size and everything, and went ahead and did my thing.

Here is the thing though, when I got home Monday afternoon, I noticed some oil on the driveway, not a huge amount, but enough for me to go, “what in the shit?” Because there was also a dotted trail of oil from where I back out to leave in the morning, definitely not something you want to see right after an oil change on a brand new car.

So, I put it up on ramps, and make sure that the filter and my drain plug is tight, I saw there was some oil splashed onto the pan, and the only place it could of came from was the oil filter. The reason for thinking that, is because Ford made the mounting point for the oil filter horizontal. Take a look care of this picture from rallysportdirect.


It’s nice and pretty in there, but every time you change the oil, you’ve got a bit of a mess to clean up.

Anyways, the next day, Tuesday, I come home in the afternoon and there is even more oil in the driveway. It looked to me, to be about the amount of oil that sits in the oil filter. So I said screw that, changed my oil again, and used the filter that Ford calls for, and I haven’t had a leak since.

Before I put the new filter in, I held both filters and compared them side by side, to see if there was any difference, and there was, here is some comparison photos, the first one is the K&N HP-1002 that is the filter for my car (as confirmed by the K&N website as well)


K&N HP-1002


Ford FL-910s oil filter












If you look at both of those filters, at first it doesn’t seem like there is a huge difference. But I was looking, and I saw that the lip of the K&N filter, on mine at least (sorry no picture available for mine), was it looked to be an additional piece, maybe aluminum or something, that was put on there. But for the Ford one, it looks like the lip is a part of the oil filter itself.

It didn’t look defective or anything, just that the lip was not a part of the oil filter body like the Ford one’s was.

So, my only theory is, since I was ONLY leaking oil at night (I checked throughout the day on Tuesday) once I parked for the night, was that the lip on the K&N filter was contracting once it cooled down for good, thus squeezing the seal and breaking it a bit, allowing the oil in the filter to seep out slowly.

I know what you’re going to say, and yes, I did do the change right. Before I used the K&N filter, I used the FL-910s with no problems, and after the K&N filter I used the FL-910s again, and there are no problems. I’ve never had a problem with K&N filters before, and I’ve been using them for years, but it just goes to show you, never get complacent when it comes to automotive repairs. I got lucky that I had a light colored driveway, because I checked the oil and there was no visible reduction in the levels. We really should check our oil every week but sometimes we just don’t, so it really helps to make sure that everything works good before you go about your day, it could save your engine.

Hopefully all I got was a defective one, and this isn’t the norm. I contacted K&N and explained to them the situation, but I have yet to hear back, I’ll update this if I ever do

And that, that’s the thing about making sure your parts work right