Government Auction Sites, This is Where the Fun’s at

Here’s the thing,

If you are in the market for certain vehicles, or just at work really bored, you can find some crazy stuff on these government auction sites, like this one.

I mean hell, who wouldn’t want a UH-60A Blackhawk? And at 200,000 dollars, that’s chump change. Let’s go buy it, and we can rent it out, like a timeshare!

91QSCI14364601Now, flying a helicopter, besides being kind of hard, is expensive. How are we going to pay for all of it? Well, we pump our own oil, of course!

81QSCI14230020And finally, let’s haul that oil around and sell it with this bad boy right here. I can already drive a stick, how much harder could this be?


We can do it guys, it all practically pays for itself! What could go wrong?

This site really is a trip, you can get all kinds of crap from a 1959 Kaiser Jeep, to a 2008 Impala, and some cheap scrap vehicles thrown in for good measure.

Quite an entertaining rabbit hole.