The GM Recall, It Gets Worse

Here’s the thing,


None of us here at Here’s The Thing Auto have written about the fiasco that is the GM Recall, mainly because it has been covered by a lot of sites, and I didn’t want to just parrot what everyone else was posting. But this one is different, this is about their recall website. According to multiple sources, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) had discovered last Friday, some very interesting news. And that news was the fact that GM’s own website that they are using to allow people to check their vehicle, to see if it is affected by the recall, isn’t working well at all. The issue at hand is, say someone has an affected vehicle, and they want to check it on the website. But the website doesn’t see that there are any parts in stock to remedy the issue with the vehicle. Doesn’t sound like that should make a difference, but it does – if the parts are not in stock, then the website will come back and let the person that put in their VIN know that there is no recall for their specific vehicle.


This is especially dangerous, because people that have kept up on this news and know their way around a vehicle know better, and will keep checking. But regular everyday people that usually don’t give their vehicle a second thought? Most likely they will check once, see nothing came back, and then that will be it. That is very dangerous, and has the potential to create another deadly situation. In case anyone forgot, due to the issues that made the recall happen, 13 people had died. This was due to the ignition defect that if hit, would switch the car off.

You would think that a manufacturer that is under such scrutiny, and has recalled 28.77 MILLION vehicles worldwide in the last year, for ignition and other unrelated issues, would know better. Or more importantly, would have learned.

GM spokesman Greg Martin said Friday night, “We are aware of NHSTA’s inquiry on the VIN look-up issue. We are making the necessary changes to our website.”

Goes without saying that now the NHTSA has found out, it hopefully will be fixed. Something else worth noting out, starting August 20th of this year, all vehicle manufacturers has to have an option on their website to check their VIN for recalls. Most already have that option, I own a Ford and a Chrysler, and I have checked both VIN’s just out of curiosity, and it works perfectly fine.

So far, GM has paid 2.4 billion dollars to pay for all of these shenanigans, and will most likely continue to keep paying. GM has estimated about 400 to 600 million dollars for their compensation fund. The interesting thing here is, they said they would put no cap on the compensation fund, but that is a pretty specific estimate, it makes it seem like they are secretly attempting to have a cap on those funds.

In this article by freep, which is also posted above:

GM created a victims’ compensation fund administered independently by compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer who handled similar duty after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the BP oil spill and the Boston Marathon bombing.

GM raised skepticism about whether he really is free to award whatever he thinks is fair when it said as part of its second-quarter earnings review than it expected to spend $400 million to $600 million on the fund.

Lawyers for victims said the figure was far too low and could serve as a signal to Feinberg that, despite GM’s public hands-off stance, there is a cap on the fund.

As I have been saying all along when it comes to GM’s woes, it is going to get alot worse before it gets better. The worst part about it is, if GM would just institute some real QA, a lot of these problems would go away a lot sooner. According to GM’s own recall site, 683,196 vehicles have been fixed as of July 31st. Boy, we have a very long way to go, granted that is out only the 2.6 million recalled for ignition issues, but it’s still slow work.

If you have a GM vehicle, please check your VIN, you can find all the information right here, at GM’s recall center. If you checked your VIN and nothing showed up, I would call in and get a person on the phone to check for you as well.

And that, that is the thing about GM woes.