Some Waterless Car Washing to Start Your day

Here’s the thing

I was reading an article by USAtoday about my home state where I grew up, California. And it is about how the drought is so bad, that they are trying to ration the water, the plan is to cut use by 20% as opposed to last year. It’s not working out too well, so they have allowed law enforcement to ticket people $500 for wasting water, which includes: Rinsing off the sideway, water the lawn, and washing your car.

Time for a small product review that seems more relevant than ever with the droughts going on all over the West Coast.

So, if you are living in California, or another place stricken with a lack of water, and want to wash your car, but don’t want to risk a $500 ticket to do so, what do you do? The easiest answer is simple, waterless car washing! There are a bunch of waterless car washing products, I mean just go take a look here over at auto geek. I only have experience with one type of waterless car washing product so far though, FW1 Racing Formula.

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To be honest using waterless car washing products is pretty straight forward, you get a buffer pad or some sort of terry cloth, spray the stuff on your car, wait about half a minute for it to “haze” and then wipe it down. You’ve got yourself a nice and clean surface. Not to mention FW1 also waxes it to a certain degree, with carnuaba wax, which like all waxes will make future washes easier. Just make sure you avoid getting it on tires and convertible tops. You can read more about that sort of stuff here.

Nothing really beats a good old fashioned water wash on a weekend morning, but sometimes you just can’t. There’s a drought, you are feeling lazy, don’t have enough time. I’ve been able to go over my Fiesta with this stuff in about 25 minutes, doing a good job to try and get everything.

So if you’re in a hurry, want to save water, or just want to try something new, give waterless car washing a try, it’s always fun to experience something new.

And that’s the thing about waterless car washing.