The new Dodge Challenger Hellcat seems to be everything we expected

Except for the fact, that for what it is, it’s pretty affordable.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat truly does seem to be everything that we were promised.


So it looks like here we have the whole thing, pricing, horsepower figures, and Mopar comparing the Hellcat to Chevy’s Camaro Z28/L-1 and Ford’s Mustang GT500 for pricing and power. If the Hellcat really does debut with a $59.9k price range, it will be an absolute steal. I mean, I really was expecting this car to cost a whole lot more money, but under $60,000? That is just amazing. The car has more power then a Viper, but for almost half the price, plus, you can still get it with a 6 speed manual transmission!

I for one, welcome these coming days of the new muscle car wars, because we all are going to be t he ones that benefit.

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